SMS Static Website

Writxt is pronounced “Write Text” (at least in my head) for those curious. I know it’s not the most original name but it gets the job done.

I don’t think it would be a huge problem, but you should probably keep your SMS blog repo set to private.

If you do set it up as “public” you should most certainly disable random users from being able to open issues. Since issues 👉 blog posts.

This is an example of photos being rendered into the Jekyll post from an MMS. (That’s my well’s jet pump pressure gauge in case you were wondering)

More likely than not you’ll run into some odd quirks here or there. I never said this system would be perfect - I only said it would “work”

By default this blog shows the latest 10 posts and paginates the rest. You can easily change this in the configuration file of the Jekyll theme.

I’ve designed a single, clean Jekyll theme to work with this SMS to blog system. My plan is to hopefully create a couple more to give users the option to customize their blogs.

I originally thought of ways to monetize Writxt, but it just seemed like more of a hassle than anything. The last thing I want to be managing is a bunch of custom phone numbers that need to be kept SECRET 🤐

The convenience of writing quick posts on the go (with a mobile device) can be very liberating. Although, it probably isn’t for everyone.

Did you know you can always write longer posts WITHOUT using text messages?

Just open a GitHub issue in your web browser and start typing! This is helpful for any content that requires better formatting.

Here is some artwork based on the incredible PS4 game: Bloodborne