microSD card(s) preloaded with your preferred operating system for Raspberry Pi devices.
A minimal baseline stylesheet for any web project. It includes a basic reset and default styling for all HTML5 elements.
PHPetite (/p/h/pəˈtēt/) is a single file, static blog generated from PHP.
Jekyll theme is based off of Dave Liepmann's awesome Tufte CSS - which takes its style and inspiration from the wonderful book and handout designs of Edward Tufte.
Setup your own SMS to blog platform.
The Extreme HyperText Movement for Luddites.
An exclusive members-only club for web pages weighing less than 1MB.
Create a minimal portfolio based on your Dribbble account.
Browser localStorage note taking app, with the ability to export content as output.
A design experiment exploring the concept of a performance-focused web browser.
A simplified and easy-to-use item checklist to audit your website for proper formatting, performance, accessibility, and security standards.
Pure CSS bar graphs with a graceful mobile fallback. Open source and 100% customizable. Focused on minimalism.
Simplify your forms with a simple, pure CSS form plugin.
A public package CDN for open typefaces that have no other place on the web to call home.
An extremely simplistic CSS "plugin" that toggles the figcaption for individual figure elements.
A baseline stylesheet that focuses on readibility and perfromance.
A collection of pure CSS graphs with a graceful mobile fallback. Inspired by the data design concepts advocated by Edward Tufte.

Idiotic Side Projects
Simple Bitcoin currency rates. No ads. No trackers. Just rates.
Get a custom brand name for just $5.
Get your landing page roasted for just $10.
A microsite showcasing how all web content can be generated solely through pseudo elements.