SMS Static Website

Setup your own SMS to blog platform

A detailed guide on how to setup your own SMS static website.
Send a text message → generate a blog post.

Send SMS to Twilio & create Github issue
Generate blog post from SMS issue
Deploy changes to Netlify hosting

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I put a lot of effort into compiling this step-by-step "manual" to help others setup their very own SMS to blog platform. I've also open sourced the custom SMS Jekyll theme.

You're under no obligation to donate any money - this project will always be free. That being said, a little goes a long way. Any support would be absolutely incredible and I would be forever grateful!

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Who made this?

I'm Bradley Taunt, better known as tdarb on the web. I'm a designer, developer and open source advocate who loves keeping things simple and fun..

Feel free to reach out on Twitter or Github.

Need custom help?

You can hire me to help you through this entire process if you'd prefer.
Simply reach out via email and we can work through the details.